Dead jumper cushion


Sometimes I get it wrong. I invested a whole 20p in this wool-mix jumper at a jumble sale recently, thinking that although it was a tiny bit shrunken/felted, it might just fit younger daughter or my trainee-daughter-in-law. Sadly, it didn’t; it’s just too small & inflexible now. But it did fit this unloved cushion pad rather well…

So, I turned it inside out & straight-stitiched, then zig-zagged round 3 sides of the cushion, trying to keep as much of the pattern visible as I could.


Then cut round the shape, outside the stitching, being careful not to cut into it. Because the jumper is partially felted, I’m not worried about fraying.


Fit the cushion inside & work out where & how the fold-over needs to go; pin & stitch as appropriate. You may want to insert a zip for easy washing, but I was happy to make it very simple & just do an envelope fold with contrasting stitches. It’d only take a couple of minutes to re-do. Then make your closure; I was originally planning on big pop-studs with buttons stitched to the outside (easier than buttonholes – can you tell I’m in lazy-stitcher mode?!) but couldn’t lay my hands on the pop-studs, so just went with X-stitches in some pretty sock-yarn.


As it goes rather well with our living room decor, and a couple of the currently-resident cushions definitely need to be pensioned off (or re-covered) this one is staying here. But I have at least 4 more felted jumpers to use up – watch my stall for updates!


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