Free paint!

Just passing the word around – if you need paint or woodstain, and don’t want to shell out loads of money, or want to use something that would otherwise be wasted, get down to your local Tip now! At ours and others nearby, paint is FREE and most of the time they have a huge choice, from almost-full giant tubs to tiny sample pots in a vast range of colours; we picked up a virtually-full large tin of Farrow & Ball a couple of weeks ago. And most of the paint we found to use in our kitchen is low-VOC, so you may well find suitable paint for households with asthmatics/young children too. If you only need a little, it saves you having to buy a bigger pot than you need. There’s woodstain too; my bantam hutch is done out in a fetching shade of Woodland Green, having found a half-pot down there, which was all I needed, so the only thing that cost me any money at all was the hinges. They can’t advertise, for commercial reasons, so please make it your first port-of-call when you’re looking for paint; then tell all your friends, and point out that it’s the environmentally-sound thing to do!

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