Happy bunny today…

Apple - what? Cake? Clafoutis?
Apple - what? Cake? Clafoutis?

Yesterday I caught a glimpse of something interesting on the “Community Noticeboard” at our local supermarket… “For Sale – Cider Press, cost £70 last year, will accept £20…” I fairly scuttled home and jumped on the phone. To cut a long story short, the press and the Pulpmaster to go with it were delivered to my door at 8.30 this morning, and the last of my windfalls are now history! There’s a large jug (just under 3l) of delicious brown juice in my fridge; not really enough to make cider with, but better by far than just rotting down quietly in my compost heap. And I got to thinking that there must be something productive you can do with the leftover pomace, so I tried my hand at an easy-looking American apple cake recipe. It didn’t come out very cake-like, as it’s very moist; more like a clafoutis, really, but it is utterly scrumptious & moreish… and there are two more cartons of pomace waiting in my fridge which might just get made into more apple butter, if I have time tomorrow.

I did have to ask why he was selling it, but the answer was deeply reassuring – he’s invested in a bigger one!

2 thoughts on “Happy bunny today…

  1. Caroline October 23, 2009 / 10:15 pm

    Yum, save me some! Let me know when it will be convenient to collect that machine, hmmm?

  2. Karen October 24, 2009 / 9:28 am

    Hi Angie

    I saw on the television the other week that the leftovers from apple juicing are good for feeding to pigs, but as you don’t have pigs yet that is no help. However I then read that chickes love the leftovers too. So if you have too much left for cake making, your chickens would be very happy!

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