Raise your glasses, please…

…to whoever threw out two complete boxes of Edinburgh Crystal white wine glasses this morning. I shall enjoy a glass or two at their expense!

Have to say, I wouldn’t go out of my way to acquire posh glasses. But if they come my way by chance, I’m not going to turn them down. It’s nice to enjoy the odd trapping of success, even if it was someone else’s success. I shall probably end up car-booting them to raise money for my new “travel” spinning wheel, but for a night or two I shall peer at my teenagers over a cut-glass rim. It would amuse me to drink home-made wine from them, but somebody seems to have drunk it all…?

A friend & I “did” a car boot sale last weekend. It’s a vast one that people come to for miles around, and I took stuff that I thought would sell well, but threw a couple of odds & sods in at the last moment. Needless to say, the decent 30s & 50s china didn’t sell, even at 50p per item, no books went at all at 20p, and the old clothes I scooped out of the back of my wardrobe flew off the rail at £1 per item, which was more than I’d paid for a lot of them. I was struck by how things had changed; people used to go to car boot sales for a morning’s entertainment. They’d scoop up a few pretty bits of china for a few pence, treat the family to an ice-cream, hunt out interesting books or hobby items, and everyone would go home happy. Not any more… people were begging us for bedding, cutlery and other essentials. Young parents had spread out blankets behind their cars, trying to sell their sobbing children’s toys. Scary… and I suspect this is only the beginning.

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