Grim vision…

Oh dear. I seem to have caused a bit of upset this afternoon; my older daughter is only just speaking to me again. She talked me into going for a walk; I decided to load up my handcart with all the rubbish from my workshop & drop it off at the Tip, which she was happy with. Not so happy, though, when they told me there was a dressmaker’s dummy waiting round behind the “landfill” skip. It just about fitted into the cart, much to Madame’s evident annoyance. But when I stopped & picked up the lovely sharp old bowsaw too, her annoyance turned to agonised embarassment… all the way back along the riverbank, she was expecting some raincoated detectives to spring from the bushes and arrest me. “You look just like you’re planning a murder, Mother! Why else would you be towing round a dressmaker’s dummy and a very sharp deadly weapon? People get arrested for carrying small knives, let alone that thing!”

You have to see the funny side – which she couldn’t, at the time. The dummy was for a young home-ed friend hoping to do a textile GCSE; new, they cost £140 which is out of the question for most students. And the bowsaw is for cutting branches; we didn’t have one & it’s a far better tool than a pruning saw on thicker branches. Ah well, next time I’m planning a murder, I know who not to take with me…

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