It’s raining again…

…and after the last two summers, a grey day makes my heart sink and has me straight out inspecting my tomatos & potatos for the first signs of blight. But when I walked up to town earlier, the level of the river was really quite low, so I guess we do need this downpour. As long as there’s plenty of sunshine to follow it up & ripen my figs…


It’s been a busy week and I haven’t had much time to devote to recycling or anything interesting, really. I did manage to re-boil my strawberry jam, which I’d bottled just short of setting somehow. So I added the last of the garden redcurrants, to try to boost the pectin levels, and boiled it until I was sure of the wrinkles on the testing plate, then poured it into clean Kilner jars, gleaned from the Tip a few weeks ago. I had been ignoring old-style Kilners, knowing that the original company had gone bust some years ago, but these had some original, unused lids with them. There must have been 30+ “dual purpose” jars in the box, and only 9 lids, but I didn’t have time to see whether there were any more when I picked them up. When I got home & discovered that there weren’t, I tried Googling “Kilner jar lids” & came up with this little gem of a site: Kilner Jars & Parts. So now I can “rescue” them again! But I’m not likely to need to, for the foreseeable future, with more than 30 to use & re-use…

The Transition Town Wimborne meeting was hugely encouraging; we really didn’t know how many people might turn up, or what level of awareness there was “out there” about Transition, so a turn-out of 19 was a fantastic boost. There were lots of different talents & interests represented; now we need to spread the word, reach more people & raise awareness that there are potential problems ahead, but there are also plenty of positive things we can do to adapt to them. Next meeting: Thursday 6th August, venue to be confirmed, with a film showing, probably The Power Of Community.

Off now to work on some bits to sell at the upcoming Colehill Country Fair – free stalls for local crafters being an irresistible offer!

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