Going flat out…

…at the moment, finishing my entries for the upcoming Dorset Arts & Crafts exhibition next weekend. I’m not 100% sure my entries made it in time, as I’d lost my schedule and whacked them in at the last possible moment, but at least I did get around to entering! If I have time tomorrow or at the weekend, I will post a couple of pics of my efforts. I’m not expecting any great accolades; I’m an amateur and very much a have-a-go merchant, and there are plenty of well-experienced professionals out there, not to mention that this is my first attempt anyway. I’m hoping for some constructive criticism and pointers as to how best to improve what I do, yet I’m aware that not all of the judges appreciate non-traditional craft work. Anyway, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and I’m sure I shall enjoy the show anyway!

Off now to do a little more last-minute quilting…

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