Is it or isn’t it…

An old drop spindle? Or a giant darning mushroom?
An old drop spindle? Or a giant darning mushroom?

An old drop spindle?

I picked this up at our local market for 50p last weekend, under the impression that it was a giant darning mushroom. But I couldn’t help wondering what the hook was for, not to mention the groove below the hook. Something about it suggested spinning, probably the resemblance to a child’s spinning top, so I tried it out with a little mauve roving. Lo & behold, it worked, really rather well. But I haven’t a clue whether that’s what it’s intended use really was! Or how old it is, or, if it is a spindle, which tradition it came from. Ideas, please…

The entries for the Dorset Arts & Crafts Association show are now in, and I’m really looking forward to going down there with a friend tomorrow & seeing what the judges thought of my strictly non-traditional stuff. In the end I enetered my felted slippers, a denim apron, one of my crazy-patchwork bags and a broomstick crochet hat & “neckwarmer” (not long enough for a scarf – not enough yarn!) I did a little while ago. It’s my first year of entering so I’m not expecting any great plaudits but it’ll be interesting to see wht it is they’re looking for, and how (or in fact IF) I could ever achieve it.

I shall report back tomorrow evening, with pics…

One thought on “Is it or isn’t it…

  1. MrsL August 14, 2009 / 7:45 am

    Hi there!

    That’s actually a cabbage/vegetable press I think; used for pressing cabbage in a colander once cooked, to press out excess water. I’ve got a couple of them, and yes, they do look like darning mushrooms! The hook looks like it could have been being converted to a spindle of some sort thought – very imaginative!



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